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As indicated by the extensive list of projects we have completed, long term care facilities are our area of expertise. Please take a look at the list below and click on the highlighted name to view pictures of the project.

Vision Nursing Home

78 bed, three storey addition to an existing 60 bed home.

Huronview Home For the Aged

Clinton and Brussels Ontario. 120 extended care beds, 20 alternate housing units and 62 extended care beds and 20 alternate housing units.

Wildwood Care Centre

St. Marys, Ontario. 62 longterm care beds and 22 rest home beds.

Forest Hill Estates

156 bed, five storey hiome located in Kanata, Ontario

Addition to Country Meadows

Brunner, Ontario. Dining Facilities. Mr. and Mrs. Ken Morley, Owner.

Riverside Nursing Home

Mitchell, Ontario. Alterations and Addition. Mr. and Mrs. David Horton, Owners.

Morriston Park Nursing Home

Puslinch, Ontario. Renovations and Addition. 38 Nursing Home Beds/25 Rest Home Beds. Mr. Alfred Urfey, Owner.

Hanover Nursing Home

Hanover, Ontario. Alterations to home. Horace Gooden, Owner

Nel-Gor Castle Nursing Home No. 2

London, Ontario. 30 Bed Addition (Rest Home). Gordon-Nelson Development Co., Owner

Nel-Gor Castle Nursing Home No. 2

London, Ontario. New Facility (70 Beds). Gordon-Nelson Development Co., Owner.

Marnwood Nursing Home

Bowmanville, Ontario. Addition 52 Nursing Home Beds/18 Rest Home Beds. Muriel Krizanc, Administrator.

Regency Manor Nursing Home

Port Hope, Ontario. Minor Alterations. Muriel Krizanc, Owner.

Kawartha Nursing Home

Peterborough, Ontario. Safety Study for Ministry of Health. Krizanc Consulting.

Brunner Nursing Home

Brunner, Ontario. 26 Bed Nursing Home Addition. Mr. and Mrs. Ken Morley, Owner.

Nel-Gor Castle Nursing Home No. 3

Carleton Place, Ontario. Renovations. Gordon-Nelson Development Co., Owner.

Country Meadows

Brunner, Ontario. 25 Bed Rest Home Addition. Mr. and Mrs. Ken Morley, Owner

Peat Marwick Consultants

London, Ontario. Study on the existing facilities for Elgin County. Sheila Botting, Peat Marwick.

Elmira Nursing Home

Elmira, Ontario. Alterations and Addition to Existing Facility. Ms. Wilma Gingrich, Administrator.

Royal Terrace

Palmerston, Ontario. Joint Venture project with Desh Malhotra Architect. 68 Nursing Home Beds/52 Rest Home Beds. Mr. and Mrs. Kash Ramchandani, Owner.

Nel-Gor Castle Nursing Home No. 1

Newcastle, Ontario. 30 Bed Addition. Gordon-Nelson Development Co., Owner

Eden House Nursing Home

Guelph, Ontario. Addition (60 Beds). Mr. John Bouwmeester, Administrator.

Nel-Gor Castle Nursing Home No. 1

Newcastle, Ontario. New Facility (60 Beds) Gordon-Nelson Development Co., Owner

Fiddick's Nursing Home

Petrolia, Ontario. 31 Bed Retirement Home Addition. Mike Fiddick, Administrator.

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