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The firm of Gail E. Lamb Architect was first established in London, Ontario in 1967 and in 1985 the practice was incorporated with Gail E. Lamb, B. Arch., MRAIC, O.A.A. as principal practitioner.

We have earned a reputation for providing a thorough, professional service to our clients and for producing handsome, functional buildings.


The firm of Gail E. Lamb Incorporated Architect was awarded an Honourable Mention in the Ontario Renews 1987 Awards Program for its work at Kilbyrne Farm. The work encompassed the restoration, renewal and creative re-use of existing space. The new Sanctuary addition to Westmount Presbyterian Church was recognized by the City of London in their 1993 Urban Design Awards and the addition to Ault Research and Development Laboratories was awarded first prize in the Renovation to an Existing Building Category in 1995.

Careful attention to detail in the design of the project and in the production of contract documents has kept extra costs during construction to a minimum, usually less than 1 1/2% of the contract amount.


A successful project is the product of a close working relationship between Architect and Client. An Architect must have a "good ear", not just a "good eye". We listen carefully to our clients and respect their programs and their budgets.

Each project is developed and produced as a team effort with full involvement throughout the course of the project by the firm's principal. We make ourselves available to our clients and their staff and encourage their participation and review not only in the design process but throughout all phases of the work:

- schematic design
- design development
- budget preparation
- contract document preparation
- tender call
- project construction
- project follow-up

Client involvement ensures that all needs are addressed in detail in order that day to day operations in the completed building run smoothly.

Every effort is made to meet the client's budget with the client being continually advised of the financial implications of design decisions.

Project designs must not only be functional and comfortable but must have that quality which distinguishes architecture from mere construction. Our clients are proud of their buildings not only for their practical aspects but for their beauty.


The production of drawings is facilitated by six Computer Aided Drafting Systems, the first of which was installed in 1987. Computerization has meant better service to our clients by allowing us to respond quickly to changes during the design and during the production of working drawings. By responding quickly to changes requested by either the client or the approving Ministry we are able to complete projects within the budgeted time frames.

The use of computers also enables drawings to start before all the base information is available and are of great assistance when projects must be "fast tracked". A further bonus is increased accuracy and readability of drawings on the job site.


The list of projects attached will give an overview of the current work load and the firm's broad range of experience. The number of satisfied clients who have returned for more than one project is noteworthy.

As a result of our extensive experience in the field of housing and health care we have developed a good working relationship with the Ministries of Housing, Health, and Community and Social Services, (now Long Term Care) and the Office of the Ontario Fire Marshal, resulting in the speedy approval of our projects for our clients.

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