Single Family Residential - Gail E. Lamb Incorporated, Architect - Serving London, Toronto, and other parts of Ontario, Canada

This is a list of some of the single family homes that have been designed by our firm. Click on the highlighted name to view pictures of the project.

Loyens Residence

R.R. 2, London, Ontario

York-Marshall Residence

R.R. 1, Scotch Road, Port Stanley, Ontario

Casselman Residence

29 Tower Lane, London, Ontario

Thomas Residence

15 Meadowwood Lane, Union, Ontario

Sobut/Downs Residence

R.R. 1, Thorndale, Ontario

Krause Residence

14 Mapleton Place, London, Ontario

Quinn Residence

Poplar Hill, Ontario

Bourne Residence

3 Old Oak Lane, London, Ontario

Dufton Residence

452 Coombs Ave., London, Ontario

Mayr Residence

105 Wychwood Court, London, Ontario

Swartz Residence

314 Grosvenor Street, London, Ontario

Barnes Residence

230 Baseline Road, East, London, Ontario

Luke Residence

145 Sherwood Ave., London, Ontario

Badun Residence

27 Mayfair Drive, London, Ontario

Small Residence

Colchester, Ontario

Marti Residence

1509 Ryersie Road, London, Ontario

McNee Residence

180 Cheapside Street, London, Ontario

Staines Residence

38 Pheasant Trail, Komoka, Ontario

Murphy Residence

91 Commissioners Road, East, London, Ontario

McDonald Residence

497 Belvedere Ave., London, Ontario

Hall Residence

16 Beattie Street, West, Lambeth, Ontario

Stakiw Residence

113 Rollingwood Circle, London, Ontario

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