Ina Grafton Gage Home

Ina Grafton Gage Home Ontario


It has become necessary to locate a new site for this home. A large site has been obtained on the east side of Warden Avenue, between St. Clair Avenue East and Danforth Avenue. The site is presently an asphalt parking lot but abuts a heavily treed hill to the east. There is a 5 ½ foot slope on the site from the east to the west. While the area on the east side of the street is largely light industrial, there is residential development across Warden Avenue and the redevelopment of the area is planned for residential development.

The home will consist of 16 private rooms and 8 standard rooms or 32 beds per floor in a four storey building. The basement is 1.5 M out of grade on the south portion of the site.

The plan permits the integration of the spaces for dining, sitting and activity in a more natural homelike way. The Dining Rooms will be defined with a low ‘bench’ at seat height and columns. Thus residents can sit and view the activity of the home from all areas. The Activity Room opening onto the secure garden will be partially blocked from view to define the space and to reduce the level of distraction to residents doing projects there.

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