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Long Term Care

Huronview Home For the Aged

Clinton and Brussels Ontario. 120 extended care beds, 20 alternate housing units and 62 extended care beds and 20 alternate housing units.

Nel-Gor Castle Nursing Home No. 1

Newcastle, Ontario. New Facility (60 Beds) Gordon-Nelson Development Co., Owner

Forest Hill Estates

156 bed, five storey hiome located in Kanata, Ontario

Addition to Country Meadows

Brunner, Ontario. Dining Facilities. Mr. and Mrs. Ken Morley, Owner.

Riverside Nursing Home

Mitchell, Ontario. Alterations and Addition. Mr. and Mrs. David Horton, Owners.

Morriston Park Nursing Home

Puslinch, Ontario. Renovations and Addition. 38 Nursing Home Beds/25 Rest Home Beds. Mr. Alfred Urfey, Owner.

Hanover Nursing Home

Hanover, Ontario. Alterations to home. Horace Gooden, Owner

Nel-Gor Castle Nursing Home No. 2

London, Ontario. 30 Bed Addition (Rest Home). Gordon-Nelson Development Co., Owner

Nel-Gor Castle Nursing Home No. 2

London, Ontario. New Facility (70 Beds). Gordon-Nelson Development Co., Owner.

Marnwood Nursing Home

Bowmanville, Ontario. Addition 52 Nursing Home Beds/18 Rest Home Beds. Muriel Krizanc, Administrator.

Regency Manor Nursing Home

Port Hope, Ontario. Minor Alterations. Muriel Krizanc, Owner.

Kawartha Nursing Home

Peterborough, Ontario. Safety Study for Ministry of Health. Krizanc Consulting.

Brunner Nursing Home

Brunner, Ontario. 26 Bed Nursing Home Addition. Mr. and Mrs. Ken Morley, Owner.

Nel-Gor Castle Nursing Home No. 3

Carleton Place, Ontario. Renovations. Gordon-Nelson Development Co., Owner.

Country Meadows

Brunner, Ontario. 25 Bed Rest Home Addition. Mr. and Mrs. Ken Morley, Owner

Peat Marwick Consultants

London, Ontario. Study on the existing facilities for Elgin County. Sheila Botting, Peat Marwick.

Elmira Nursing Home

Elmira, Ontario. Alterations and Addition to Existing Facility. Ms. Wilma Gingrich, Administrator.

Royal Terrace

Palmerston, Ontario. Joint Venture project with Desh Malhotra Architect. 68 Nursing Home Beds/52 Rest Home Beds. Mr. and Mrs. Kash Ramchandani, Owner.

Nel-Gor Castle Nursing Home No. 1

Newcastle, Ontario. 30 Bed Addition. Gordon-Nelson Development Co., Owner

Eden House Nursing Home

Guelph, Ontario. Addition (60 Beds). Mr. John Bouwmeester, Administrator.

Thomas Health Care
128 BED Long Term Care Home
The design is completed and approved by the Ministry of Long Term Care for 128 beds awarded in the 2001 RFP process. The site is in a built up area and has a grade drop of 10 feet from front to back. The design has taken advantage of this site feature to provide additional space in the lower level for residents and staff accessible from the driveway.

The project is 4 storeys at 32 beds per floor. The ground and 4th floors will operate as two smaller units on each floor (a total of 4 small units). This enables smaller groups of 15 and 17 residents for the Alzheimer unit on the ground floor and separates residents with Acquired Brain Injury and young adults on the 4th floor. Each floor has a large roof terrace to provide outdoor space at the unit overlooking the main entrance.

Forest Hill Long Term Care Residence
160 Bed long term care

Forest Hill is situated in Kanata. This facility is a 160-bed constructed in 200, awarded through the 1998 Ministry of Health request for proposal process.

This is a unique facility incorporating the new Ministry of Health design guidelines. The five-storey structure allows the 32-beds per floor to be further sub-divided into smaller specialized ‘pods’ depending on the resident population’s needs. The facility directly focuses on the specific needs of residents with dementia and those residents with various stages of Alzheimer’s disease.


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Multi Unit Residential

201 Apartment Units

3 Storey Walkup and 5 Storey Apartments, 614 Fanshawe Park Road (at Trossacks), London, Ontario. Mr. Art Rodgers, Rodgers Properties.

32 Unit Apartment

3 Storey Walkup - Family Housing Campus Parkway and Grand Avenue, Chatham, Ontario. Mr. Michael Howe, Norquay Homes.

45 Unit Apartment

2 Storey Walkup Family Units, Maxwell Street, St. Mary's Ontario.

Seniors Apartment Complex

Nanticoke, Ontario. 76 Town Centre Drive, Nanticoke, Ontario. Mr. Minne VanderMolen, Board of Directors.

40 Townhouse Units

Wonderland Road At Blackacres. William Davies, Davies Development.

240 Townhouse Units

Westminster Park, London, Ontario. Mr. Michael Howe, Norquay Homes.

43 Townhouse Units, Briarhills, Phase IV

305 Briarhill Ave., London, Ontario. Mr. Michael Howe, Norquay Homes.

11 Townhouse Units

Boulle Street, London, Ontario. L.M. Goldenberg Enterprises Ltd..

34 Townhouse Units

626 Wharncliffe Road, South, London, Ontario. Mr. Michael Howe, Norquay Homes.

32 Townhouse Units

Keats Way at Shakespear Drive, Waterloo. Mr. Peter Moffat, Benchmark Developments Inc.

70 Townhouse Units

Kerman Ave., Grimsby. Mr. Peter Moffat, Benchmark Developments Inc.

64 Townhouse Units

Meadowlands, Cambridge. Mr. Peter Moffat, Benchmark Developments Inc.

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Salvation Army Citadel

St. Thomas, Ontario. Mr. Richard Paylor, Chairman of Building committee.

First Baptist Church

London, Ontario. Addition of Handicapped Lift. Mr. Bob Cornfoot

Zion Anglican Church

Oneida Settlement. New 40 Seat Church and Parish Hall. Mr. Leslie Elm, Chairman of Building Committee. Archdeacon A. Skirving.

Robinson Memorial United Church

London, Ontario. Interior Renovations. NewHandicapped Lift. Mr. Stan Toal.

St. Stephen's Memorial Church

London, Ontario. Sanctuary Renovations. Mr. C. McEwan, Chairman, Mr. R. Hewitt, Building Committee.

Salvation Army Citadel

Tillsonburg, Ontario. New 100 seat Church. Captain Bonnar, London District.

Westmount Presbyterian Church

London, Ontario. Sanctuary Addition. Mr. Ken Hodges, Chairman of Building Committee.

Salvation Army Citadel

London, Ontario. New 100 Seat Church. Mr. Albert Wormald, Project Co-Ordinator, Salvation Army.

St. John's Anglican Church

St. Thomas, Ontario. Church Hall addition and link to existing Church. Mr. Bob Allen, Chairman of Building Committee, Mr. Gerry Morgan, Building Committee.

Westview Baptist Church

Wonderland Road, London, Ontario. New 250 Seat Church (10,000 sq. ft.. Ms. Marjory Rust, Chairman of Building Committee.

Salvation Army Citadel

Owen Sound, Ontario. New 100 Seat Church. Lt. Col. W. E. Kerr, 20 Alberta Street, Toronto, Ontario.

St. John's Anglican Church

Walpole Island, Ontario. New Parish Hall. Reverend Laverne Jacobs, Rector.

Byron United Church

London, Ontario. Classroom and Kitchen Renovations. New Elevator. Mr. Tom Sutton, Chairman, Building Committee.

Salvation Army Citadel

St. Mary's Ontario. New 100 Seat Worship and Fellowship Hall. Mr. Albert Wormald, Project Co-Ordinator, Salvation Army.

Faith Lutheran Church

310 Southdale Road, London, Ontario. Reconstruction of existing Glendale School for 100 Seat Church. Missouri Synod, Lutheran Church.

St. George's Anglican Church

Owen Sound, Ontario. Addition to Existing Church. Archdeacon T. David Ragg, Rector (formerly Bishop, Diocese of Huron).

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Single Family

Loyens Residence

R.R. 2, London, Ontario

York-Marshall Residence

R.R. 1, Scotch Road, Port Stanley, Ontario

Casselman Residence

29 Tower Lane, London, Ontario

Thomas Residence

15 Meadowwood Lane, Union, Ontario

Sobut/Downs Residence

R.R. 1, Thorndale, Ontario

Krause Residence

14 Mapleton Place, London, Ontario

Quinn Residence

Poplar Hill, Ontario

Bourne Residence

3 Old Oak Lane, London, Ontario

Dufton Residence

452 Coombs Ave., London, Ontario

Mayr Residence

105 Wychwood Court, London, Ontario

Swartz Residence

314 Grosvenor Street, London, Ontario

Barnes Residence

230 Baseline Road, East, London, Ontario

Luke Residence

145 Sherwood Ave., London, Ontario

Badun Residence

27 Mayfair Drive, London, Ontario

Small Residence

Colchester, Ontario

Marti Residence

1509 Ryersie Road, London, Ontario

McNee Residence

180 Cheapside Street, London, Ontario

Staines Residence

38 Pheasant Trail, Komoka, Ontario

Murphy Residence

91 Commissioners Road, East, London, Ontario

McDonald Residence

497 Belvedere Ave., London, Ontario

Hall Residence

16 Beattie Street, West, Lambeth, Ontario

Stakiw Residence

113 Rollingwood Circle, London, Ontario

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Other Interesting Projects

Ault Research and Development Laboratories

Ault Research and Development Laboratories, in London Ontario, was awarded first prize in the Rennovation to an Existing Building Category in 1995 by the City of London.

McDonalds Play Place Addition

This addition was added to an existing McDonalds restaurant in Stratford, Ontario. The design is a refreshing change from the 'typical' play place designs.

Kilbyrne Farm

The firm was awarded Honourable Mention in the Ontario Renews 1987 Awards Program for its work at Kilbyrne Farm.

Ontario North Now

An interesting exhibit for Ontario Place in Toronto, Ontario. The exhibit was part of the Canadian National Exhibition during Northern Ontario Days, August 1980.

192 Hill Street O.P.P

Renovation of historic school for OPP Detachment. The Project consists of a 1700 square foot addition and 5500 square feet of renovated area. The new construction is precast concrete on concrete block bearing walls. Interior work consists of offices and facilities for the St. Clair Township Fire Prevention Office and an Ontario Provincial Police detachment.


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